VisionWare MultiVue Identification Server
Field Report


  • Analytical–capable + operational–focused MDM
  • Multi-entity – people, property & assets
  • Public sector expertise
  • Sophisticated, yet well-packaged core MDM functionality – e.g., DB partitioning, web services, BPM
  • Mid-market pricing
  • Microsoft as channel
  • Microsoft software stack affinity
  • Longevity – e.g., 100+ installations


  • Strategy beyond public sector just beginning
  • UK-centric
  • Currently mid-market scalability – e.g., millions vs. 10s of millions of master records

    Product tested up to 50 million records with no performance issues; additional future testing with Microsoft Scalability labs

  • Matching algorithms for data custodianship evolving – not automated self-tuning level yet
  • Operational data governance strategy evolving
  • Registry-orientation more than persisted data hub