The below represent a number of topics that we reguarly discuss with MDM project implementation teams. To schedule a half day or other briefing session, please use this online form.

Best Practices:

  1. Managing the MDM Evaluation Process (CTO/CIO perspective)
  2. Ranking the various approaches taken by key product & services providers (software vendors & systems integrators)
  3. Establishing the business case for MDM projects
  4. Justifying the business value of MDM initiatives (given the inadequacies of Net Present Value & ROI)
  5. Developing a MDM strategy for telco (e.g., coping with "portable" customers)
  6. Developing a MDM strategy for financial services providers (e.g., gearing up for continuous consolidation & globalization)
  7. Launching the optimal IT organization & processes for MDM delivery (e.g., Program Management Office, Chief Customer Officer, Data Steward, et al)
  8. Architecting the "full spectrum" MDM solution
  9. Presenting the top 10 MDM "lessons learned"
  10. Leveraging MDM strategies with governmental "citizen data integration"
  11. Enhancing the business value & ROI of MDM solutions by recycling e-business & data warehouse technologies
  12. Prioritizing deployment of components for an enterprise-strength MDM implementation
  13. Planning for the MDM rollout (e.g., business requirements capture/planning; data stewardship & privacy/security; scalability testing; systems management; MDM component inventory assessment & gap analysis)
  14. Applying Microsoft technologies for MDM (MS MDM, SSIS, BizTalk)
  15. Applying SAP's Business Information Warehouse for MDM
  16. Evaluating rules engines solutions for MDM applicability (e.g., Fair Isaac Blaze, Ilog, Versata, et al)
  17. Evaluating business process management (BPM) solutions for MDM applicability