SAP NetWeaver MDM MDM v7.1
Field Report


  • Analytical MDM reporting for customer/party

  • Operational MDM for supplier & product

  • Quantity of MDM references

    • CDI-related = Adidas, Intel, Nortel, Whirlpool, … 800+ sites for PIM
  • Supply chain expertise

  • Multi-entity MDM focus & consistent product strategy

    • Including full product information management (PIM) capability & support for material, vendor,  etc.
  • Integration with BOBJ data quality & integration (ETL)

  • SAP underpinnings for sys mgmt


  • Operational MDM for ‘customer/party’ not field proven

    • Did not support “full data” model until 7.1
      • Very conservative ramp up
      • Previously lacking due to party model limitations
  • Confusion/concern over long term roadmap/viability

    • SAP NW MDM = enterprise MDM for heterogeneous environments
    • SAP MDG – “embedded” w/ SAP solutions, starting w/ BOBJ; domain-specific MDM apps ... see also the April 2012 Field Report on SAP MDG and Merck case study
    • SAP MDF/MDS (master data svcs) – HANA-enabled MDM for real-time CDI
  • Registry strategy still maturing