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Milestones on the Master Data Management “Road Map”

Monday, November 12, 2007

Milestones on the MDM Road Map

Research analysts at the MDM Institute annually produce a set of twelve milestones for their “MDM Road Map” to help Global 5000 enterprises focus efforts for their own large-scale, mission-critical CDI-MDM projects.   For planning purposes, we thus identify 10-12 “milestones” which we then explore and publish via our MDM Alerts research newsletter.  This set of strategic planning assumptions presents an enlightening view of the key trends & issues facing IT organizations during 2008-09 & beyond by highlighting:

  • Planning for the juggernaut of MDM market momentum, maturation & consolidation
  • Coping with the skills shortage for data governance, enterprise architecture, et al.
  • Identifying the essential (vs. desirable) features of an enterprise-strength MDM initiative
Thus the 2008-09 “MDM road map” helps Global 5000 enterprises (and IT vendors selling into this space) utilize these “strategic planning assumptions” to help focus their own road maps on large-scale and mission-critical MDM projects.  During the following six months, we use these milestones as the focus for our analyst research in that every research report we write either confirms or evolves one or more milestones as its premise. The remainder of this CD-MDMI Alert will present the below MDM Milestones: 

1. Market Maturation

2.  Market Momentum

3.  Market Consolidation

4.  Budgets/Skills

5.  Data Governance

6.  MDM Convergence

7.  Architecture & Data Models

8.  Identity Resolution

9.  Party Data Quality

10. Analytics

11. Policy Hubs

12. Enterprise Search


Hopefully, the milestones discussed above will catalyze discussions (and consensus) within your IT organization regarding the road map IT professionals must craft for the next 3-5 years.   We look forward to your emails and phone calls during the next six months as we evolve these planning assumptions.

“Heads up” from the CDI front lines and see you at the “last” annual CDI-MDM SUMMIT in NYC this November 14-16.

Aaron Zornes

Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer
The MDM Institute
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